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Academic Council


  • Professional/Fellow Members will elect an Academic Council to provide inputs and steer. SFCCA will also nominate 3 persons. The term shall be 3 years at one go.

  • Our courses will remain primarily Singapore focused irrespective of where the Council members are from.

  • The Academic Council shall work with SFCCA Management through different Working Groups setup to review its recommendations based on coverage, practicality, ease of learning, and testing quality.

  • The Academic Council will also jointly review Learner Feedback with the SFCCA Managing Director (See CoC)

  • Hence, the focus of the Academic Council is on "Learner experience".

  • The Academic Council will also consider appeals by a Fellow Learner for a Assignment that has had 3 failed attempts, effectively failing the person overall (See CoC)

  • The Academic Council will also give inputs on Singapore/ Hong Kong or OFAC/FCPA related content/case studies for course enhancement, where they fit into the Private Banking/Securities FCC space.

  • SFCCA will always lead on the actual technical content used and our view is the final one.


No Advisory Board

  • We have chosen to go down the Academic Council route as opposed to the Advisory Board route which tends to be ineffective as members are too senior to take out any real time to add value.

  • In place of an Advisory Board we plan a Honorary Fellow status conferred on some of the senior leaders in the FCC space. This more accurately reflects the unidirectional relationship of recognition and benefits.


Hands-On Manager's Inputs

  • We want hands-on middle/senior managers who have completed our Professional/Fellow Programmes to facilitate the course's evolution, i.e., people who get their hands dirty in the field and actually manage the day-to-day risks of ML/TF.

  • Our Learners provide the best inputs. e.g., we enhanced the Professional course's practice tests from 57 to 114 questions, included an installment plan, and are adopting new payment options, based on their suggestions.

  • We believe that this approach will help to balance the theoretical with the practical.


The current Academic Council is listed below:

1) Dhunjishaw Jagus, Singapore

2) Umair Brohi, Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai

3) Babar Najam Khan, Faysal Bank, Karachi

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