Corporate Training

Banks or securities firms seeking training for their employees (whether eLearning or online live) should write to us at We will also discuss membership benefits. Scroll down for Bulk Training details (20+ & 50+) and for our Optional - Classroom/Live Masterclass Top-up.

Please note the following points: 

  1. The FI can choose to enroll their employees for any of our courses directly and they receive certificates on clearing the examination; this is subject to the following point

  2. Usage of the designations (PMSFCCA & FSFCCA) and certified status (SFCCA Certified FCC Professional) are strictly associated with membership as our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements must be met

  3. The FI has the option of Corporate Membership wherein the relevant employees are accepted as individual members - see below

  4. Enrollment would be via bulk data exchange i.e., NO individual applications

  5. All members/trained persons must adhere to the SFCCA Code of Conduct

Corporate Member
  • Any licensed bank/ securities firm operating in one of the countries where our students are based can become a Corporate Member

  • This entitles all employees in that country to our individual membership grades without any additional individual membership fee albeit the course (with a 10% discount) & exam/admin. fees apply at the member level

  • Employees should hold the relevant credentials for the membership grade/ remain employed with any Corporate Member (or take up individual membership) to use our designations/certified status (if held)

  • The annual membership fee is SGD 2,000 (minimum) for first 20 employees, i.e., SGD 100 per employee, irrespective of individual membership grades held i.e., a significant discount on individual membership fees

  • Separately course fees for any courses undertaken are payable at the member level (with a 10% discount), and exam/admin fee as per the Membership grade

  • Corporate Members will be listed here.

BULK TRAINING: "Rent-A-Video"/ Simulated Classroom (20+)
  • By screen-sharing the videos through our Canvas account a FI can simulate a virtual classroom/live training

  • SGD 850 per month for every 20 people, minimum 3.5months or SGD2975 (higher figure), FI's can rent our training videos and develop their own internal proctored testing & certification based on these. (PP of SGD 149)

  • This can be a single course's videos up to 8hrs40min or multiple courses up to 6hrs

  • If a FI rents it for 6months or more or SGD 5100 (higher figure) (PP is SGD 255), we will customise the videos:

    • you identify content you want and the required length 

    • we can record any additional organisation specific content you want (up to 10 slides)

    • SFCCA will do a 1hour live training (online VC) as highlights & Q&A

    • you should design/run 3 proctored tests over 6 months if you are under any regulatory pressure

    • you issue the certificates for your own testing

    • this option allows you to additionally include live Highlights/Q&A training enhancing the experience of the “simulated classroom”


Other conditions:

  • This is a limited license.

  • The FI can only show the videos to the identified persons for whom they have purchased the license for, and only within the license period.

  • Our videos can only be accessed via a Canvas LMS student account (free) and are blocked from downloading or printing.

  • The IPR belongs solely to the author &/or SFCCA as indicated in the video (other than FI specific content).

  • No copying or derivative products are allowed.

  • Clients are listed on the SFCCA website.


  • Persons trained as above will become "Associate Members" (subject to data) and the first years fee is waived.

  • Later if the FI wants some of the employees (who were trained) to take our Professional Membership exam, we offer a 50% reduction in course fee, exam/admin. fee of SGD 50 applies & membership fee is waived for 1st year. This is after all discounts on the list price.

  • The FI can separately explore Corporate Membership as a way of reducing the individual membership fee cost of employees who are SFCCA members. There are numerous benefits for ongoing awareness building.

Next Steps

  • Download "Rent-a-Video" Brochure​

  • Government agencies enrolling Learners for our certificate courses are a (non-fee paying) Corporate Member

  • Please visit our Course Launch page for Certified Bulk Training promo offers from time-to-time

  • Customised bulk training contracts for our Certificate courses are also possible. 

  • Please also review our FAQ

BULK TRAINING: Regional Customised “FCC Essentials” Training (50+)

Based on a few enquiries from banks and securities firms we are pleased to offer a more flexible format for Bulk FCC training (minimum 50) of Private Banking RM’s/others and Securities firm’s staff on a region-wide basis (either Asia, or Middle East, or Africa, or across these 3 regions):


Our Associate course is currently around 6hrs in pre-recorded videos and is offered using Auto-proctored training. We are able to offer the following flexibilities:

  1. Offer a stripped-down version e.g. 2-3 hours. We will give your compliance staff review access (after an NDA) and they can pick the content they wish to focus on based on your need-gaps/ avoiding duplicity with other internal training efforts.

  2. Our testing platform is currently auto-proctored training. However, if a marked quiz (non-proctored) satisfies your internal standard, we are happy to provide this. You can decide whether this is 30 (minimum) or 50 questions.

  3. While our platform focuses on Hong Kong and Singapore regulations/best practices, we can also rapidly customise a video (up to 1 hour) with coverage of key messages from your internal policies and procedures.

  4. If needed, you can simulate live training by playing the pre-recorded video at one time (online classroom style) followed by live Q&A (1 session per lot of 50 Learners).

  5. We have a community of Learners accessing our Facebook private group posts. These can be replicated internally by the FI for wider distribution to build ongoing awareness.

  6. We can co-brand the Associate Certificate (in “FCC Essentials”) issued, with your Compliance department.

  7. Our training is usually via Canvas LMS, albeit for 150 learners or more we are open to hosting the video files via your LMS and also the quizzes/final exam (will need suitable NDA’s protecting our IPR and usage)

  8. We will also grant your organisation 2 years free Corporate membership (includes free Associate membership for all Learners), and a 25 to 75% discount (depends on number of Learners) thereafter.

  9. The above would only be at the Associate level which caters to a wide variety of (relevant) audiences and is flexible on the intensity of the training depending on the client’s perceived need-gaps.


Please reach out to us at for a customised training proposal based on your specific needs.

Download our PDF Brochure.


Whilst the trainer for all our online courses is our Executive Director & Chief Trainer Dr. Rohan Bedi, we offer an optional masterclass top-up for corporate training, which can be run by different trainers depending on who is available/ is authorised by SFCCA to provide training support in a particular location. The content for this Masterclass offers a deep dive into specific topics only. It does not duplicate with the original course and is intended to offer more worked examples (incl. tech.), and local regulatory training e.g. UAE, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria etc. The fees for this top-up are additional and differ by location.

Our current panel of trainers includes:

Senior Trainer

Africa, Middle East and Pakistan


Faisal Anwar is a seasoned FCC trainer & consultant with diverse experience of 30+ years with top-notch banks, i.e., RBS, ABN AMRO, Bank of America, and HBL as well as an MDB, ETDB (Turkey). He has been in leadership positions such as COO and Chief Global Compliance Officer and chaired/served on various management committees including the Training & Development Committee. 


Faisal recently assisted IBP as an expert for the design of courses on “Ethics & Professionalism” & "Compliance" for the ISQ certification. He is a member of B20-Italy Task Force on Integrity & Compliance for providing policy recommendations to the G20 Leadership. He has been a speaker/panellist at various forums.   

Faisal has attended several courses overseas & locally at institutions like IMD in Switzerland; Center for Creative Leadership in Belgium; LUMS; and is a graduate of ABN AMRO’s Senior Management Course in the Netherlands. 

Faisal holds an a B.Com (Gold Medalist) degree from Punjab University, BBA (Distinction) & MBA from the Universities of Oklahoma and Texas, USA respectively. He is a Certified Director (ICAP) and holds CCEP-I (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional – International) qualification of SCCE, USA. 

Faisal will provide SFCCA training support albeit he will not be involved in the management of the Association.


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