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Corporate Training

Bulk Training

These contracts have the following terms:

  1. Our effective Course fee is subject to negotiation and drops for training of 30 or more individuals

  2. A degree of customisation is possible at the Associate level deleting content/adding internal content (e.g. 10 slides)

  3. We can co-brand the Associate Certificate (in “FCC Essentials”) with the Client's Compliance department

  4. For large contracts of 100 persons and above we can throw in:

    • 2 free webinars in a year of up to 2 hours each towards awareness building

    • Speakers as either external experts or from SFCCA, as we consider suitable

  5. Learners will be given ongoing access to the SFCCA Social Media group where we post FCC news updates

The above can be signed on by individual banks/securities firms or by their industry bodies

Optional Classroom/Live Masterclass Top-Up

  1. The Masterclass offers a deep dive into specific topics only

  2. It does not duplicate with the original eLearning course and adds worked examples/local regulatory training

  3. The fees for this top-up are additional and differs by location

  4. While the course creator/ trainer for the eLearning is always the SFCCA Managing Director Dr. Rohan Bedi, the Masterclass has a panel of authorised FCC trainers

Terms & Conditions

  1. Our coverage is of Private Banking & Securities FCC which can be extended for consumer banking

  2. Access for the eLearning is via Canvas LMS, and Classroom/Live for the optional Masterclass

  3. If a Client prefers a live version, we can replay our eLearning videos in a webinar format:

    • This live version will be steered/supported by the SFCCA’s Managing Director for Q&A

    • It will be split across days and will not exceed 3 hours on a day

  4. For large contracts (100 and above), the 2 free webinar's participants include employees of other Clients, other individual members, and paid non-members

  5. SFCCA’s online webinar platform will be used for all webinars

  6. The intellectual property in our videos, webinars and any other content belongs exclusively to SFCCA and the Client has a limited license for only one year limited to the number of users paid for

  7. No copying or derivative products are allowed

  8. Enrolment is via bulk data exchange and not individual applications

  9. The Client agrees to allow to provide references for marketing purposes

  10. All Learners must adhere to the SFCCA Code of Conduct

Corporate Membership Annual Fees

  1. Clients get a discount of 10% per person on the annual individual membership fee

  2. Please reach out to us at for a customised training proposal

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