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Anti-Financial Crime Professionals - Working in Asia? Wanting to work in Singapore or Hong Kong?


SFCCA Certificate courses in FCC for Private Banking & Securities (PB&S) cover Singapore & Hong Kong risks, regulations and best practices. The practices in these centres are based on FATF Recommendations and so the skills are largely exportable across centres, whether in Asia, Middle East or Africa.


Our certificates help you to acquire essential regulatory knowledge, practical compliance skills, and a business specific focus. There are currently substantial discounts (for e.g. 50%) for the first 100 members!

1.  Video: Watch our course launch trailer & demo 

2.  Brochure: Professional Certificate in FCC, Private Banking & Securities

3.  Brochure: Associate Certificate in FCC (for RM's), Private Banking & Securities

4.  Brochure: Optional Hong Kong Regulatory Module Top-up in FCC

5.  Brochure: BULK PROMO: Rent-a-Video/ Simulated Classroom (20+)

6.  Brochure: BULK PROMO: Regional Customised “FCC Essentials” Training (50+)

7.  OPTIONAL - Classroom/Live Masterclass Top-up for Corporate Training

To Apply

  1. Send your CV to highlighting the course

  2. Include your personal and professional emails and mobile 

South Asia & Africa

Special pricing exists for Learners from:

  • South Asia (Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, and the Maldives)

  • Africa (excluding Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco) 

  • Our Need Based Scholarships also cover Nepal & Afghanistan (below)

Please Note


  • Video recordings are all in Full HD (1080p) (1920 X 1080)

  • Cutting edge audio normalisations & noise reduction

  • Video On Demand (VOD) service of an Enterprise grade CDN

  • Delivered via Canvas LMS as the interface

  • AI-powered auto-proctored testing

  • 9-Band academic grading system with a 70% pass-mark



SOUTH ASIA & AFRICA (Excluding Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco)

1.  Professional Certificate 

  • 60% off

  • Discounted course fee of SGD 495pp

2.  Associate Certificate

  • 68% off

  • Discounted course fee of SGD 300pp

3.  Optional Hong Kong Top-up

  • Discounted course fee of SGD100pp

All The Above

  • Above is the total for course & exam/ admin after all discounts

  • These are net of any charges, e.g. approx SGD 10-30 extra by PayPal

  • Membership fee is free till the exam is cleared (SGD 300 or SGD 120 p.a.)



For example, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco

  • The course fees are 

    • SGD 1200 for Professional Cert.

    • SGD 900 for Associate Certificate

    • SGD 150 for HK Reg. Top-Up

  • SGD 50 for exam/admin

  • Approx. SGD 10-50 extra for funds transfer by PayPal

  • Membership fee is free till the exam is cleared (SGD 300 or SGD 120 p.a.)


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