1. Why SFCCA certificates and not others?

  1. Written from a practical hands-on perspective by a known FCC expert trained at prime banks in Singapore

  2. More focussed in content (including business e.g. PB&S) without unnecessary theoretical discussions, retaining depth where needed

  3. Course originally developed as a shorter 4+1hour 2019 course under Euromoney Learning (no longer offered) accredited under IBF-STS scheme

  4. Developed originally for Hong Kong and later converted to a Singapore course i.e., strong on both centres

  5. Content is focussed on risks, regulations and best practices relevant for Singapore & Hong Kong i.e., regional content and context.

  6. FATF Recommendations apply. Skills are exportable across centres in Asia, Middle East and Africa (US, UK & Australia have specific regimes).

  7. Other courses are mostly distance learning, ours has pre-recorded HD videos with sound normalisations & delivered via a CDN i.e., far easier to study 

  8. Unlike other courses, ours has ongoing 1:1 coaching by e-mail and online VC

  9. Unlike other courses, we offer 1:1 VC feedback on incorrect answers in the final examination

  10. Access to the original training videos continues for 6months/1year (course dependent) after enrolment 

  11. Significantly lower costs for equivalent courses by US and UK associations

  12. We offer you the skills to succeed in a FCC role; getting a job in Singapore or Hong Kong also depends on your CV, opportunities, and the interview

2. Does SFCCA have test centres in my city?

The exam is auto-proctored using AI… you take it online from the comfort of your bedroom. Proctored examination rules and requirements apply:

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3. Does SFCCA have a designation for use after an individual’s name?

Yes, on completion of the Professional Certificate you are allowed to use the designation "PMSFCCA" as long as you are a Professional Member:

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4. What is the validity of the Professional Certificate course?

The certificate does not expire albeit usage of the "PMSFCCA" designation implies Professional Membership, which means you are committed to ongoing learning i.e., CPD requirements apply:

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5. Can the course fee be paid in instalments?

Yes course fee can be paid in instalments, usually 3:

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The SFCCA Quality Standard 

  • Video recordings are all in Full HD (1080p) (1920 X 1080)

  • Cutting edge audio normalisations & noise reduction

  • Video On Demand (VOD) service of an Enterprise grade CDN

  • Delivered via Canvas LMS as the interface

  • AI-powered auto-proctored testing

  • 9-Band academic grading system with a 70% pass-mark


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