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Launched with Version 2 of the Professional Certificate in Private Banking & Securities FCC, on 22nd March 2021.


Our Mission Drives Us

SFCCA provides valuable specialist training in Private Banking & Securities FCC which no other professional training body currently matches. We do not regard ourselves as competitors to other training bodies in the US and the UK. Most of our Learners already hold other general certifications. Our course is a specialist top-up for mature Learners, from SEA, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. In particular, we want Learners from markets that are weak in FCC. Our courses are based on Singapore & Hong Kong requirements, both strong, risk-based & highly-ranked regulatory regimes. Learner feedback has been very positive.


What This Is

As part of our commitment to developing FCC Compliance Officer talent in weak FCC markets, we are now introducing a new route to our professional’s skills course:

  1. For the Professional Course in Private Banking & Securities FCC only

  2. Eligibility is same as the Professional Course i.e., 3 years of work-experience and other criteria; and anyone from any country

  3. Through this route, you may enrol on the Professional Course by paying SGD104 (covers our Bandwidth & Admin costs) which is at our scholarship/government rate (funds transfer is app. SGD8 more).

  4. This is not a merit or need-based Scholarship nor a Government rate... those Learners are on par with full-fee paying Learners for benefits

  5. You are bound by our Code of Conduct

What You Get

  1. This route gives you free Associate Membership for life/until you upgrade to a paid Professional one after taking the exam

  2. You have access to our members-only social media groups

  3. You have access to the Professional Course videos for 3-months (normal is 12 months)

  4. You can review all the content, print the handout, and take the practise tests

  5. You are allowed 1:1 access to the course instructor via email only (normal includes VC)


What You Don’t Get

  1. You cannot take the final examination without a top-up in fees

  2. There is no Certificate awarded

  3. Hence, you are not allowed usage of the designation PMSFCCA


Upgrading to Professional Membership

To take the final examination (tougher than the practise tests) and receive the Certificate and use the designation PMSFCCA:

  • You need to pay the applicable fee based on where you reside/work (as a top-up i.e., the difference from what you have paid)

  • As well as pay ongoing Professional Membership fees on completion

Additional 9-month access to the videos will be provided.​

To enrol email:


  • Video recordings are all in Full HD (1080p) (1920 X 1080)

  • Cutting edge audio normalisations & noise reduction

  • Video On Demand (VOD) service of an Enterprise grade CDN

  • Delivered via Canvas LMS as the interface

  • AI-powered auto-proctored testing

  • 9-Band academic grading system with a 70% pass-mark

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