Fellow Member - SFCCA Certified FCC Professional
  • Eligibility: A Professional Member who is a Senior Manager (in business, compliance, audit, risk, or legal) in a bank, securities firm, law firm, consulting firm, government agency (FIU, LEA, Regulator, Public Prosecutor), with 7 years of work-experience of which at least 3 should be linked to FCC, and also:

    • Minimum grade of VP or equivalent with team-management experience of 2 years

    • Two professional written references from line managers who have worked with the applicant for at least 1 year(not needed for Merit Scholarship holders) endorsing the application

    • Persons who do not meet the other criteria but are Professional Members/provide references, may complete the programme, albeit can use the Credentials (FSFCCA) only on meeting the full work-experience criteria

  • Accelerated Path: ​

    • A country, regional or global head of FCC or by function e.g. Sanctions, FCC audit, for 2yrs

    • 10yrs overall work experience

    • No references needed

    • Can enroll directly provided they clear the Professional Certificate examination (mentioned in the Fellow Certificate)

  • Upcoming:  Completes our required eLearning courses, and readings which has an online auto-proctored exam:

    1. OFAC

    2. Fraud

    3. Cyber Security

    4. Leadership

    5. Ethics & Conflicts

      • ethical considerations

      • conflicts of interest

      • insider trading

      • outside business activities

      • customer information protection

    6. FCPA & gifts

    7. FCC Perspective Builder - Required readings:

      • Crime & typologies

      • Compliance model, frameworks, controls, EWRA, outsourcing, culture & conduct

      • Strategic versus tactical thinking, brainstorming

      • Data management, project management

      • Forensic auditing, quality testing, internal audit, RCSA

(​Readings cover MAS notices/guidance and selected articles/papers. The objective is to develop a FCC leader's perspective. And the proctored testing will assess this.)

  • Receive the SFCCA Fellow Certificate in Financial Crime Compliance

  • Credentials - use the designation "FSFCCA" besides name​ (members only)

  • Become a "SFCCA Certified FCC Professional" (members only)

  • Lead the community e.g., SFCCA articles/speaking at events

  • The fees are yet to be determined

  • The annual membership fee is currently SGD550 p.a.

  • Please also review our FAQ

Senior Fellow - SFCCA Certified FCC Professional


  • Members who are currently a Fellow for at least 2 years

  • Are currently a country, regional or global head of FCC or by function e.g. Sanctions, FCC audit, for 2yrs

  • Have authored 5 articles (each 1500 words) for SFCCA members per year for two years (10 total)

  • Have spoken 3 times to SFCCA members (1hr video recording/at events) per year for two years (6 total)

  • Are interviewed by the Advisory Board and deemed to be suitable


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