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We match our Professional Scholarships discount for FIUs, LEAs, Regulators & Public Prosecutors, as a public service. Staff can also apply directly. This is for any country/jurisdiction barring the Crimea region in Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.


  • Numbers available: Unlimited & any course

  • Learner can be based in any country/jurisdiction

  • Learner must know English (read/understand) 

  • Can nominate staff with 1year+ experience on the Professional Certificate course albeit membership upgraded on completing 3 years

  • Professional Certificate course fee (all costs) is SGD 104 only (after over 94% off), Resits SGD12 

  • HK Regulatory Module Top-up course fee (all costs) is SGD 20 only (90% off)

  • Professional Membership fee is SGD 100 p.a. (after 66% off)

    • 1st Year post-completion is FREE​

  • Associate Certificate has a course fee (all costs) of SGD 99 only (after over 93% off)

  • Associate Membership fees after a 50% discount​ is SGD60 p.a.

    • 1st Year post-completion is FREE​

  • Institutional enrollments would be via bulk data exchange i.e., NO individual applications & course/membership fee taken together

Other conditions:

  • This is a limited license.

  • The Government Agency can only show the videos to the identified persons for whom they have purchased the license for, and only within the license period.

  • Our videos can only be accessed via a Canvas LMS student account (free) and are blocked from downloading or printing.

  • The IPR belongs solely to the author &/or SFCCA as indicated in the video (other than FI specific content).

  • No copying or derivative products are allowed. 

  • For institutional enrollments, the government agency is treated as a Corporate Member (no separate fee) and listed on our website.

Please visit our Course Launch page to review our trailer/demo video and download brochures.​ Please also review our FAQ


  • Video recordings are all in Full HD (1080p) (1920 X 1080)

  • Cutting edge audio normalisations & noise reduction

  • Video On Demand (VOD) service of an Enterprise grade CDN

  • Delivered via Canvas LMS as the interface

  • AI-powered auto-proctored testing

  • 9-Band academic grading system with a 70% pass-mark


1.  Professional Certificate 

  • 94% off 

  • Discounted course fee of SGD 104pp

2.  Associate Certificate (RM's)

  • 93% off

  • Discounted course fee of SGD 99pp

3.  Optional Hong Kong Top-up

  • 90% off

  • Discounted course fee of SGD20pp

All The Above

  • Above is the total for course & exam/ admin after all discounts

  • Membership is free for one year post-completion

  • Thereafter at a discounted level of SGD100 (Prof.) & SGD 60 (Associate)

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