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Learner Feedback


  • "It's interesting and knowledgeable...Truly next level skills." (Babar Najam Khan, Pakistan, Merit Scholarship)


  • "The course is very comprehensive and intense including reference materials, videos and case studies. It has an edge over other similar programs which only provide study guides with few case studies. The 100 MCQ's within 2 hours is timed well and one MUST cover the course at least 3 times as rightly communicated at the very onset not only to achieve a passing score but get better acquainted with the FCC Regulatory landscape primarily in Singapore but also Hong Kong where mentioned. Hence the contents of the course covers all aspects of challenges one encounters in FCC with particular reference to MAS and HKMA guidance. I have done a few certifications and found SFCCA to be at par or above its peers and the manner in which Dr Bedi presents this over the slides (talking through these) clearly depicts his skills & mastery over the area due to his vast experience and articulates the topics extremely well. Recommended for FLOD staff to get an end to end perspective as well as 2nd LOD i.e. Compliance/FCC & Internal Audit staff in 3rd LOD roles" (Dhunjishaw Jagus - Pakistan & Singapore, Merit Scholarship)

  • "First of all, it's a great honor to be part of this special course. I learned a lot, really. A very immersive and interesting course which gives deep insights about MAS & HKMA regulations & international best practices. I have done a lot of professional certifications and found SFCCA to be at par and even above many of its peers." (Umair Brohi, UAE) 

  • "I am writing this to give Dr. Bedi my highest endorsement as a teacher and trainer for his work at SFCCA. Rohan is a force to be reckoned with in the Compliance/AML/FCC space. He has the knowledge, experience and people skills for anything he chooses to work on. There are many facets to our industry and he has taken the time to learn as many of them as he can, to a degree where he can train and articulate these topics down "to a T". He also draws upon his vast experience and crystallizes these from both an academic (when he’s training) and practical (when he’s consulting) perspectives. The success SFCCA has achieved to date is a reflection of this and I am so excited to be a part of this journey as we see where it can be taken. Rohan has become a dear friend and mentor over the years. This recommendation for him is of the highest order." (Prerna Tarika Diwaker, Singapore)

  • “Thanks for the guidance. I will surely follow these protocols in detail. Further, the Contents of the Course cover all aspects of compliance challenges we are facing with practical implications and examples which are really helpful. I am thoroughly reviewing the videos with reference materials i.e., MAS, HKMA guidelines. However due to long working hours, my pace is slow and likely to attempt the exam in March 2021. I will recommend this course in my organization and in my professional circle as well.” 

  • “Course is very comprehensive including the reference materials, video briefing, and case studies are very helpful and make it competitive over other leading programs which only provide a study guide with little case studies. Can I share the course descriptions with my Head-FCC for recommending to the FCC staff?”

  • “The new enhanced Practice Tests in Version 2 will be very helpful to get the pace required for the actual exam... Thanks for considering the request. Also, the enhancement video is very informative especially the Sanctions, RegTech, and EWRA parts, as these areas are our daily challenges for which the highlighted solutions are very helpful to cope with the vulnerabilities.” (Babar Najam Khan, Pakistan, Merit Scholarship)

  • “I enrolled in the Professional course and watched the videos/read the handout, which I found both interesting and informative and learnt a lot. I have also gone through the newly enhanced Version 2 videos and found them equally interesting and informative and it really increased my knowledge. I can now apply these skills in my routine job function including importantly EWRA. This course is indeed very helpful in enhancing my knowledge & experience in FCC. Furthermore, I got more insights into both the Singapore perspective and the course after having a 1:1 VC session with the course instructor Dr. Rohan Bedi.” (Basharat Khan, Pakistan, Merit Scholarship)

(Reproduced with permission)

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