News 1. From The Desk - Modern Day Leadership

(2020-05) The Exec. Director of the SFCCA shares practical leadership insights based on his banking and consulting career in Singapore.

News 2. From The Desk - FinCEN Advisory (Sept 2014 & Oct 2020) on Human Trafficking

(2020-04) Highlights Red Flags from the FinCEN advisories on Human Trafficking, for implementation in FCC training & transactions monitoring.

News 3. From The Desk - Ransomware & Cryptocurrencies - Laundering of Proceeds

(2020-03) A discussion of Ransomware attacks and payments via Cryptocurrencies, linked money laundering issues, and red flags.

News 4. From The Desk - FinCEN Files - An Exposé

(2020-02) An exposé of the underlying root cause allowing criminals to continue to launder monies and commit sanctions violations in spite of so many fines and investment in controls.

News 5. From The Desk - Deloitte's Survey (S. Asia)

(2020-01) A 12 minute video talking about 3 key points coming out of Deloitte’s “South Asia AML Preparedness Survey report 2020”. The video adds more detail on Data Privacy/ Outsourcing, Data Protection and Cyber Security.

News 6. Interview With SFCCA Executive Director 

This edition of "Fridays with Fintelekt" features a conversation between Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services ( and Dr Rohan Bedi, Executive Director, Singapore Financial Crime Compliance Association (SFCCA) ( on the role and objectives of SFCCA; fintechs and bigtechs; AML compliance in digital banking; new AML/CFT challenges; enhancing Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment; effectiveness vs. efficiency while implementing FATF standards; and culture and conduct issues.

News 7. Course Launch  

As of 6th of July 2020 we have launched 3 courses and are now accepting members.


We will also setup an Advisory Board at the right point of time.


Watch this space as we create content generated by both the Association and its Members.

News 8. Ethics & Compliance Considerations In a Remote Working Environment – A Toolkit


Talib Uz Zaman, the SFCCA Director for Engagement & Outreach for Africa, Middle East and Pakistan, is one of the researchers and contributors to produce the toolkit.

News 9. Empowering Compliance


The Executive Director of the SFCCA argues that FCC officers need more teeth.

News 10. A Review of Singapore's FCC Practices


The Executive Director of the SFCCA speaks at the University of Macau. China's Belt and Road (B&R) initiative is a game changer for world poverty. However it also brings with it new finance and trade exposures which need to be managed for FC risk.

News 11. Cryptocurrencies Interview

The Executive Director of the SFCCA was interviewed by The Edge, Malaysia. He underscores that the stance taken by regulators on cryptocurrencies and their follow-through actions have an impact on the prices of digital coins, affecting investors.

News 12. SOW Verification


The Executive Director of the SFCCA reviews the regulatory requirements and guidance around wealth verification.


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