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  • Expands videos to 13hrs

  • Practise questions now 100

  • Total learning hours: 21

Professional Member

Our Professional course directly reflects MAS, HK SFC and HKMA concerns in the course and examination

  • Eligibility: An Associate Member who is typically an existing/prospective Manager (in business, compliance, audit, risk, or legal) in a bank, securities firm, law firm, consulting firm, government agency (low fees) (FIU, LEA, Regulator, Public Prosecutor), with 3 years of related work-experience

  • News, articles & videos, and networking events, via our members-only social media groups

  • Currently there is one track to Professional Membership & use of the designation "PMSFCCA": 

  • Complete the track's 13hrs eLearning (6 parts over 13 prerecorded videos) training

  • Email or one-on-one Video Conferencing assistance for any queries 

  • Complete the 6 practice quizzes (100 questions) - 2 hours 

  • Study the PDF handouts (additional readings) for the exam - 80+pages - 4 hours

  • Clear a 100 question auto-proctored online examination (2 hours) (pass mark is 70%). The final examination is a high-standard one that is focussed on conceptual learning and incorporates substantial case-based testing.  

  • Optional:2.5hrs=1.5hr Hong Kong Regulatory Module Top-up (others on request) +40questions proctored exam for 1hr

  • Have a one-on-one feedback session on the final examination results (incorrect answers)

  • Receive the SFCCA Professional Certificate in Financial Crime Compliance
  • The course grants you 12 month online access (post enrollment) to the training videos (no downloads/prints possible)

  • Credentials - use the designation "PMSFCCA" besides name (members only)

  • The course & exam/admin fee for the PB&S track is currently: course fee SGD1200 (+SGD150for extra Hong Kong Top-up Regulatory module) + exam/admin SGD50 (for each), the PDF Certificate is free

  • Special pricing exists for Learners from South Asia (Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, and the Maldives) and Africa (excluding Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco) - see below - Marketing Offer

  • The annual membership fee is currently SGD300 p.a.

Please Note


  • Send a copy of your CV (include office & personal email and mobile) to

  • If accepted, we will email you the invoice to pay using PayPal or directly to our Singapore bank account

  • We will then set you up for access to the course on Canvas LMS

  • You start as an Associate Member & are free till you clear the exam


  • Applies to South Asia & Africa (excluding Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco)

  • 60% discount 

  • Professional course fee of SGD 495pp

  • Optional SGD100pp for HK Top-up

  • This is the total for course & exam/ admin after all discounts

  • Approx SGD 30 in funds transfer charges

  • Membership fee is free till the exam is cleared (SGD 300 p.a.)