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Working from Home
Self-Financing Learners

Additional options for self-financing applicants needing financial assistance are:


1) If a Learner needs an installment plan we are happy to agree provided:

  • The Learner sets this up as a standing instruction on their bank (we won't follow up); and

  • Provides us a copy of all the payment advices prior to us setting up their proctored final examination


2) Membership is not compulsory:

  • Learners can do the certificate course without applying for membership subsequently

  • Such Learners (on an installment plan) taking the Professional/Fellow Certificates (only) have the option to remain as a non-fee paying Associate Member for up to 2 years post-completion/until they upgrade  

    • Such Learners cannot use the member designation PMSFCCA/FSFCCA (in this event) until they upgrade through a paid membership

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