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About Us
  • A professional body incorporated in Singapore (UEN: 202006984D) as a Pte. Ltd. company, with competitive pricing

  • SFCCA is specialised in developing Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) courses covering Singapore risks, regulations and best practices, and also incorporate best practices in Hong Kong

  • SFCCA courses are part-time online video-based, use AI for sound normalisation and also for online proctored testing

  • Dual certification courses in training partnership with CISI UK were officially launched in April 2024. They are the UK’s largest and most widely respected professional body in this field.

    • This is after extensive SFCCA product development and a soft launch outside Singapore in Pakistan.

    • Our soft launch offered scholarships to solicit Learner feedback from US/UK AML/CFT graduates.

  • Our risk-focused training is currently marketed w.e.f. 15th April 2024 in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, and Qatar

  • The Managing Director (MD) of the Association is Dr. Rohan Bedi, a well-known thought leader and author

  • The MD has authored a book on AML and co-authored eLearning used for years by AUSTRAC (see US INCSR 2009)

  • Our management team and panel of trainers

  • Professional/Fellow Members elect an Academic Council to provide inputs and steer.

  • The Association has a Code of Conduct to which all members/trained persons must adhere

  • Enhance anti-financial crime practices in weak markets through practice-based professional learning, harnessing the power of technology and networking.

  • Provide quality cost-effective training below market rates

  • Create a certification path that is a cut above other providers (our Fellow programme)

  • Beyond Singapore and Hong Kong, focus on weak markets where training is needed

  • Evolve content steeped in best practices, regulations and local, regional and global risks

  • Secure accreditation/ quality assurance for courses wherever possible/practical
  • Use the company form of organisation to be agile, rapidly evolving to meet market needs 

  • Harness the power of e-Learning & live online training

  • Ensure effective testing of expected training outcomes 
  • Provide industry-recognized professional certificates

  • Create professional learning communities for collaboration

  • Create face-to-face networking opportunities

  • Open up skill-based career options

The SFCCA Quality Standard
  • Video recordings are all in Full HD (1080p) (1920 X 1080)

  • Cutting edge audio normalisations & noise reduction

  • Video On Demand (VOD) service of an Enterprise grade CDN

  • Delivered via Canvas LMS as the interface

  • AI-powered auto-proctored testing

  • 9-Band academic grading system with a 70% pass-mark

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