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Payments - Individuals

Key Points

  • This page is not for Corporate Training payments.

  • This page is not for payment of the CISI Regulatory Module - visit the CISI page to pay their course fee.

  • For Associate/ Professional course applicants paying the SFCCA Course fee:

    1. Please self-check eligibility (see brochure) prior to any payment

    2. Please see our training demo video, review our Learner Feedback, review the FAQ

    3. Please review and agree with the SFCCA Code of Conduct (CoC). By paying you agree to the terms and conditions in the CoC.

    4. Make all 3 payments (course, regulatory & annual) and email your CV with a snapshot of all payments.

    5. All charges will be borne by you in case the funds are to be returned.

  • Fellow course applicants must be accepted (Please email your CV) prior to paying the Course fee after reviewing 1-3 above.

    • By paying you agree to the terms and conditions in the SFCCA CoC.

  • By paying the Course fee the applicant accepts the applicable Annual Membership fee (membership can be given up if needed)

  • The Annual Membership fee is 100% free for the first year although you have to setup your credit/debit card for annual billing upfront.

  • Invoices are provided on request only (see Q2 in FAQ). However, PayPal (course fee) or Stripe (annual membership fee) provides a receipt for payment.

  • The SFCCA Course fee payable is given in the table below (the SFCCA course fee for existing CISI members (in RED) is after a 10% discount):

Course Fees - Table


  1. Category A & B refer to the country that you work in i.e., NOT Citizenship. Category C is both country you work in and also by Citizenship.

  2. We have CISI regulatory modules for the countries highlighted in Black.

  3. The above is an all-inclusive fee covering course, administration, testing and funds transfer charges.

  4. Retests are SGD 50 for the Associate/Professional Course and SGD 100 for the Fellow course

  5. Case-by-case partial waivers of fees are available on appeal for the financially constrained only.

Course Fee - Payment Options
  1. Singaporeans are advised to pay the Course fee by FAST to UEN 202006984D

  2. Non-Singaporeans can pay us via their PayPal account using PayPal.Me
  3. Non-Singaporeans who wish to do a bank funds transfer can write to us.
  4. Self-financing learners in Category B countries who need an installment plan for the Course fee can write to us.




  1. Pay the SFCCA Course Fee as above for the Associate/ Professional Course (for the Fellow Course send us your CV first)
  2. After completing the SFCCA Course Fee payment please proceed to the CISI webpage to complete payment for their Regulatory Module.
  3. Setup the SFCCA annual Membership Fee subscription using the links below. This is 100% free for the first year and then per the course applied for.
  4. Please email a snapshot of all payments to along with your CV.

Annual Membership Fee Subscription
annual fees.JPG

The Annual Membership fee is 100% free for the first year although you have to setup your credit/debit card for annual billing upfront.


For those countries whose currencies are not supported by Stripe (supports 135 currencies) for International Payments (e.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia) AND where you do not have an international card, you should setup your annual subscription requesting a friend or relative living abroad:

  1. Click on the Weblink for the 3rd party to GIFT you the recurring annual subscription.

  2. Please provide your details required on the form (includes photo) to the person making the GIFT.

  3. They need to click on the relevant category and enter the discount code NEW-MEMBERS to get the 100% discount on the first year's annual membership.

  4. They enter their details and your details and setup the GIFT for you.

  5. You diarise and settle directly with them (if you need to).

We use to onboard Members. The membership data is password protected/ they are PCI Compliant. The Card data is handled by Stripe Singapore.



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